Car Maintenance


If you're lucky enough to own a new Ford vehicle, you'll want to keep it looking and running as good as new. The heat and sun can present challenges when you're trying to keep your vehicle in optimal condition. It's important to follow these five tips to care for your new Ford in the hot weather:

  1. Seek the shade. The sun can take its toll on your Ford vehicle over time, making its interior more prone to drying, cracking, and fading. It can also make the exterior fade and dull. Park your car in a garage or carport when you can. When you're out and about, park in the shade whenever possible.

  2. Keep your Ford vehicle clean and waxed. Washing your vehicle regularly will not only help rinse the grime away to keep it nice and clean, it helps protect the topcoat from the damage dirt can inflict. Waxing your vehicle also gives its finish an extra layer of protection from the sun's harsh rays.

  3. Check all fluids. Most of your vehicle's fluids help carry heat away from its vital components in addition to performing other functions. When their levels are low, your new Ford is more likely to overheat. Make sure to have your fluids - including oil, coolant, transmission fluid, power steering fluid, and brake fluid - checked regularly.

  4. Maintain your car's battery. Scorching temperatures can shorten your car battery's life, because heat can cause the liquid inside your battery to overheat. Visually inspect it on your own periodically. Look for signs of corrosion on the terminals as well as dirt and grease on top of the battery. These can drain your battery's power and reduce current flow.

  5. Keep your tires properly inflated. The correct tire pressure for your 2016 Ford vehicle will be listed in the owner's manual. It's important to keep your tires properly inflated because under-inflated tires are more likely to overheat and possibly cause a blowout. This is especially true during the summer, because road temperatures can be very high.